Thursday, January 24, 2019

Introducing Micheline, Style Expert for the Femme d'un Certain Age

Bonjour, mes amis!
I am so thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend, Micheline Tanguy!

Micheline is a true Parisian and a professional image consultant.  She’s especially gifted at helping the femme d’un certain age (that would be moi!) find her true style and flair.  And oh my goodness, she helps you get your confidence back again! 

I first met Micheline in 2011 when I was in Paris for the Bonjour, Happiness! book tour and honestly, she changed my life.  Yes, Micheline knows a lot about what colors look good on a woman, and how to walk properly, and carry yourself with grace and dignity.  But her gift goes far beyond that!  She knows all about savoir faire.  The art of living well.

Oh, yes, we all know that French Women enjoy the finer things in life and take the time to sip their café and observe the world around them.  However, Savoir Faire is also this very mysterious quality that comes from within you, and must be developed over time.

Since 1992, Micheline has worked with businesses all around the world, including New York (she speaks beautiful English) and of course, she has worked in The City of Light, Paris!

She trained in London and through her seminars and training programs, she has helped all sorts of business people develop their je ne sais quoi--from engineers to political figures (I'd ask for details, but she is very discreet, bien sur!)

Micheline was born on the windy and wild coast of Brittany, home of the most delicious seafood and oysters!  We met this past autumn just off the Rue St. Honoré at a lovely café where we enjoyed a coup de champagne.  It was the end of Fashion Week in Paris and we talked about style and beauty and the femme d'un certain age. Oh, and we took part in that great Parisian game of watching the theater of life!  It's been a number of years since Micheline joined my Ooh La La! Paris Tour and inspired my American and Canadian women friends to discover their own sense of elegance and mystery, but I know we have been forever transformed by her sage advice. 

If you'd like to find out more about dear Micheline, you can find her here:

And, if you want more charisma in your life, may I make one small suggestion.  Find an opportunity to celebrate something each and every day.  It can be something very small, such as an unexpected call from an old friend, or a pretty sunset.  But truly, I believe that celebrating those little happy moments will bring more your way.  

Au revoir for now, mes amis!  

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