Friday, August 8, 2014

Highlights from The Ooh La La! Paris Tour

It's true, our very first Ooh La La! Paris Tour has officially ended.
Au revoir, Ooh La La! Ladies
We had an amazing tour, starting with a walk through the Latin Quarter (where we stayed at the beautiful four-star Hotel Belloy St. Germain.)  We visited the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral
on our very first day.
We walked through the Tuileries and visited the beautiful Musée de l'Orangerie, where we looked at Monet's waterlilies.

After seeing all that art, we needed some chocolate!  So, the very next day, we visited the famous chocolate-maker Richart Chocolat where Claire explained the history of chocolate to us and we had a fabulous chocolate tasting.  Mmmmmmm!
We visited the Musée D'Orsay.  So much joie de vivre!
That evening, we went on a boat tour of the Seine.
We went to the Louvre Museum, where a certain smiling woman, caused a big ruckus!
In the evening, the handsome (and funny!) Olivier Magny, owner of O Chateau explained the secrets to choosing the right wine.  We had a fun evening of wine tasting.
Madame Cadolle of Maison Cadolle spoke to us about the history of lingerie and how her grandmother invented the modern day bra and freed women from the corsets.
We visited the beautiful Opera Garnier, bien sur.
No Ooh La La! Paris Tour would be complete without learning about fragrance and the art of perfume-making at the Musée Fragonard.
The amazing Micheline Tanguy, a Paris re-imaging expert talked to the Ooh La La! ladies about the importance of selecting your color, how to walk like a French woman, and of course, the art of savoir faire.
On Saturday, a few of us visited the flea market in Vanves, and a few slept in or spent a a morning in a cafe, absorbing all that Frenchie-Frenchness!  Pretty, non?
Oh, and we shopped!
We learned about the different lingerie brands at the iconic Paris store, Bon Marché and the Ooh La La! Ladies tried on some lovely little fripperies, with the help of Kate Kemp-Griffin of Paris Lingerie Tours.
And then, we shopped some more...and oh dear, it was time to say au revoir to Paris and to our new friends who we will see at the Ooh La La! Reunion Tour!  

Until next time!  A bientot, mon amis!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Paris Ooh La La! Tour officially begins today!

Yes, my Ooh La La! Tour Ladies have all arrived in Paris!
I am soooo happy!  What a lovely group of women from all different walks of life.
The one thing they have in common is a passionate desire to reclaim their ooh la la!

And in the course of this week, we will stroll through the Tuileries, visit Notre Dame, sample scents at the Fragonard Perfume Museum, learn about beautiful lingerie from Maison Cadolle, and shop for beautiful things on rue St. Honore.  Oh, and we'll probably taste a macaron or two at the famous Lauderee!  (And much, much more!)
This is what I know for sure:  There will be beaucoup de ooh la la!
Each woman will find it in her own unique way, and I am honored to be there for the
moment of discovery!
Bonjour, happiness!  Bonjour, ooh la la!

Friday, July 25, 2014

3 Days Until the Ooh La La! Paris Tour!

Bonjour, mes amis!
I am in Paris now, awaiting your arrival in The City of Light.
It's beautiful here, but hot!
(Thankfully, Hotel Belloy St. Germain has air conditioning).
Even though it's hot, you'll want to pack a few pretty scarves.
Here's what I saw one lady wearing near Notre Dame Cathedral yesterday.
C'est jolie, non?

See you soon, Ooh La La! Ladies!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Days Until the Ooh La La! Paris Tour!

To be cool or not to be cool, that is the question.

I know a lot of us want to be just like the French when we're in Paris.  We want to blend in and go unnoticed, perhaps even pass for a real Parisienne.
And while, I think this is a noble pursuit, I would like to offer another suggestion, perhaps seemingly radical.
How about playing the role of The American Tourist?  

Rather than taking on an air of being ultra cool, full on ennui, why not delight in being new to all this and read your maps in public, and yes, photograph a lot!  This is one of the wonderful things about travel.  You are like a child, wide-eyed, and full of wonder.
And consider this, as an American woman visiting Paris, you are part of history, and part of a story that goes back a long time.  
And perhaps one day, your grandchildren will look at photos of you in a Paris cafe and say, wow, my grandmother was so adventurous, so glamorous, so amazing--because you are!

Monday, July 21, 2014

7 Days Until the Ooh La La! Paris Tour!

Time to schedule your pedicure!
Yes, I just got my pedicure done today, because I'm flying to Paris on Wednesday
And so, if you're flying out on Saturday, then consider getting your toes done on Friday or Saturday.
And then, I will see you, dear Ooh La La! Ladies--with my hot pink polish--on Sunday for the champagne reception!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

8 Days Until the Ooh La La! Paris Tour

Dear Ooh La La! Ladies-
We'll meet in Paris in just over a week!
I'm so excited and just like you... a little nervous.
But, it's important to remember the French are excited to see us and want us to be happy
and enjoy the beautiful City of Light!
And with that in mind, I am posting a fun photo from an Italian restaurant I took last fall on
rue Mazarine, not to far from Hotel Belloy.

Look at all that joie de vivre!
Doesn't it make you smile?
Moi aussi!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

9 Days Until the Ooh La La! Tour!

Let's talk French.  Bonjour!
Comment t'allez vous?  How are you?
Tres bien.  Et vous?  Very well.  And you?
Ou est la musee?  Where is the museum?
See how easy it is!

Okay, actually it's a lot more complicated than that.  But ladies, you will be in Paris in just over a week and this is not the time to panic!  Just get an English/French dictionary, or this French Phrase book, which is a favorite of mine.
And don't forget, we're in Paris during high tourist season, so shopkeepers and wait staff will be expecting lots of Americans who don't speak French.  Still, they love it when you try!
So, learn a few polite phrases, such as:
Bonjour, Madame!  (Hello, Madame)
Merci beaucoup!  (Thank you very much)
S'il vous plait (if you please)
Parlez Anglais, s'il vous plait?  Speak in English, please?
Even if you completely bumble the language, you will get points for trying and extra points for being polite.  The French love it when we are polite!
So, merci beaucoup!
Please write and let me know if you can suggest some other phrase books or important phrases for Americans to learn.  I am so excited to be bringing 12 beautiful and bright American ladies to Paris for the Ooh La La!