Friday, December 4, 2009

Name That Cat!

Please help me name our handsome new feline! He's an orange tabby rescue kitty, but we haven't been able to come up with a good name. I like Elvis, but my husband doesn't want a cat named about The King. (Who knows what's that about!) He wants a "cat" name. We've tried out Buttons, Pumpkin, Marmalade, but still nothing seems quite right for this special kitty.
So, here's my offer: whoever comes up with the perfect name will win a free autographed copy of either "French Women Don't Sleep Alone" or "The Writers Toolbox."
Your choice.
So, let the games begin!


  1. LOL - I call all three of my cats kitty even though they have names... He looks like a tiger cat. as in tiger eye.

    I'd call him Tiggs, short for Tigger.

    Tina DeMarco

  2. Oh, I love "Tiggs" and "Tigger" too. Another reader has suggested Mister or Monsieur Pickles, so that's in the running as well. I'll keep you posted! xo Jamie

  3. Riff Raff is a fine name for a spunky tabby who's got some street cred.

    Stephen Dorneman

  4. Oh, my, what to suggest:

    Beret (if we are going French)
    Blinky if he blinks his eyes alot when he wakes up

    Hmmmm...maybe you need to tell us more about his personality. At first glance he does look exceedingly dignified.

  5. Ooh, these are all good! So far, we're particularly fond of Mr. Pickles, Buttons, and Blinky. Although Riff Raff is so cute. I have to get the man of the house to I will make an announcement about the winning name next Friday. More soon. xo Jamie

  6. If he is the king . . .voila, Louis, of course, that is his name! Honestly, he is adorable. My two barn cats have recently passed (of very old age). . .it is time for me to visit my local shelter! Thanks for the reminder . . . .

  7. Hi Debra--Oh, Louis is lovely. I like it, but must get approval from Bill. And yes, visit the shelter! My cat, "Sugar" (my daughter named him) died three years ago. I was so bereft--every time I went to the shelter I burst out in tears! But, something happened this time, and I didn't cry and found this little guy who looks a lot like Sugar. They put him in my lap and he became to purr and well, that was it for me! Keep me posted on your cat adoption adventures! xo Jamie

  8. I guess I don't "need" your book since I have one. :) But I still want to play. 1) Tab Hunter. 2) Roi (French for King), but let's pronounce it "Roy." 3) Chas--short for chasseur (hunter--not shoe!)

  9. Hello dear readers--Thank you so much for all your incredibly creative and wonderful suggestions! In the end, we let the kitty decide and he responded--jumped, ran and seemed to even smile--when we called him Mr. Pickles. So, that's the winner and the name! Thank you, dear reader called "Humble Abode". Could you email me at to receive your prize book--either The Writers
    Toolbox or French Women. Your choice. Congratulations! xo Jamie

  10. Oh, but he must have a French name, no? Perhaps Claude, or Philippe, or Toussant, or simply Beau.
    I used to have an orange tabby, years ago when I was an undergrad. I never asked for permission and my boyfriend was displeased when he arrived home to be greeted by this exuberant little lady. We named her Katmandu, as she was beautiful and mysterious. We used to catch her hiding beneath the rhubarb leaves in the garden, where she would explode into the air and take down various birds flying by, minding their own business. A bit tragic, really. Her favorite was breast of robin. She belonged, very much, to herself and no one else.

  11. French Women Don't Believe in Climate Change - Just Champagne

    Happy New Year

  12. I have been remiss in not checking this older post about Mr. Pickles! Happy to have helped name your cat! I have emailed you this morning.
    I am Hostess of the Humble Bungalow, come and visit my blog !
    Happy New Year!


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