Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Styles of the Scientists

I'm at the AGU (American Geophysicists Union) conference and I'm pleased to announce that I've spotted some very fashionable femmes here in San Francisco.  I just adore this woman's coat and boots.  Oh, and look at that hat!  The entire effect is so charming.  Very French, in fact.

Speaking of French, last night I had the most delicious dinner of grilled trout, fingerling potatoes and green beans at Cafe Claude--a fabulous French Bistro at Bush Street between Kearny and Grant.
Dr. Thompson had coq au vin and our dear friend (and famous) scientist-guest had lasagna--not very French, but she assured me it was delicious.  We also enjoyed a chevre salad, a bottle of delicious zinfandel and lots of lively conversation on climate change. We ended the evening on 39th floor of the Marriot with more wine and a spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay!

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