Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bonjour, Hôpital! Final Installment

You know, when a gal finds herself stranded in a hospital in Toulouse with a broken ankle, she wants two things: chocolates and flowers.  
Well, I didn't get the chocolates, but I did get the flowers!
Yes, the beautiful artist Cheryl and her handsome photographer husband John 
brought me beautiful roses.  
Bonjour, Cheryl!
Bonjour, John!

They came all the way from the little village of Auvillar to visit me.  Not only that, but they took me out to the park where we had a lovely afternoon!
Later, in the evening, I kept myself busy back at the hospital, watching French television.  Ironically enough, I watched a program that taught French women how to walk properly in their high heels!

Well, it'll be quite a while before I can wear high heels!  (Oh, and once again I WAS WEARING FLATS WHEN I BROKE MY ANKLE!) 

I'm so grateful to my husband for coming all the way from Australia to rescue me.   

He brought me back home to America where my little orange tabby kitty was waiting. 

Bonjour, Mister Pickles!


  1. Jamie, I somehow missed these posts! While I'm certain your "adventure" was not all fun, your photos and posts are wonderful. You have your "ooh la la" even in the hospital, Cherie!

  2. Oh Hello Mr. Pickles!
    After reading Why French Women Don't Sleep Alone I adopted some might consider a tutorial on how you managed to look chic while in the hospital. :)
    Nice to see Cheryl and John, they are such gems...and trust them to bring you a lovely bouquet.
    Jamie I hope that you are resting and mending your ankle as well as writing a delicious novel!

  3. Hello Leslie--thank you so much for your sweet comments! Yes, Cheryl and John are amazing! We are both very lucky to call them friends! And Denise too! We are all lucky to know them! xo Jamie

  4. Jamie, that cast looks cumbersome yet still you smile...
    I give you a lot of credit for having a lot of ooh la la in the face of oy vey

  5. Hello Susan--Oy vey and ooh la la! Yes, the cast has been very cumbersome--not so much in the French hospital, where they kept me very busy, but at home. I've now been in this cast for 6 weeks, but tomorrow I get switched to a soft cast and start physical therapy. I hope to be walking by January! What a long, arduous, yet fascinating journey! xo Jamie

  6. Adventurous you! And you make it all sound so chic. I'm glad you're home with your kitty (cats are healers - I know, I have THREE of them!) and with your knight in shining armor Bill. Hope you're up and walking around soon.

  7. Merci, Amy--Yes, of course you love kitties! I knew you were a kindred spirit! Hope your concert is fabulous! Big hugs, Jamie


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