Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bonjour, Big Apple!

Bonjour, Friends!
Come celebrate the release of my latest book-- 
Bonjour, Happiness!
Secrets to Finding your Joie de Vivre

I'll be at New York City's Tribecca Barnes & Noble 
(97 Warren Street) 

Enjoy a little Paris in the Big Apple!
Tuesday, April 26th at 7p.m.  

Learn the secrets to joie de vivre:

Why it's so good to walk everywhere.

How does New Yorker Mary Kelly grow fresh tomates in the Big Apple?

Where can you find French macarons in the City?

Why does Paris Breakfasts blogger Carol Gillott adore the color red?

Why is BraSmyth such a French idea!  (hint, it's the French lingerie)

Oh, and how to live like million bucks with just a few euros!

Oooh la la!!!!
Hope to see you there.
A bientot!

1 comment:

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