Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bonjour, Lunch NYC!

My Dad and went on an excursion to New York City last weekend.
He used to work in the Chrysler Building for many, many years, so it was fun for him to return to his old stomping grounds.  Here you can see the famous Art Deco building next to the more modern Met Life Building.  Pretty, huh?
That's my dad in the middle with the camera at Grand Central Station.  I inherited my love of photography from him.
We walked from the station to the famous New York City Public Library.
Here is one of the lions that sit in front guarding the building.  Roar!
Here's the sign for the exhibition.  (Oh, it goes on until February 2013 and it's free!)
We learned that lunch is an American invention from the Industrial Revolution.  While Europeans enjoy their dinner in the middle of the afternoon, and will spend a few hours relaxing, at the turn of century, Americans began to have their bigger main meal after work and their smaller and quicker meal at noontime.

In fact, some workers only got half an hour.  Not much time!
And so....the Automat was created.
Still, even with all this rushing about, I was so happy to see this lady taking the time to bring a big bunch of flowers back home with her from the city.  Tres francaise!
And then it was time for the father-daughter photography team to go home.
Au revoir, New York City!
Bonjour, Connecticut!


  1. I remember eating lunch at the Automat back in NY. It was ghastly food as I recall.

  2. Hah! You're right. Terrible food, but the decor was pretty back in the day. I went there in 1967 on a Girl Scout trip from Stamford, CT to New York City. We met our troop leaders and the station and took the train in. As soon as we got off, all 15 girls walked two by two, hand in hand over to the Automat for lunch. Then, the United Nations and finally the Girl Scouts Headquarters. I'll never forget how we wore our full uniform and white gloves that day.....ah, memories!

  3. Dear Jamie, forgive me as I try to catch up on all of your wonderful internet connection has been giving me problems!
    I LOVE New York City, and what a special day with your dear Papa...
    How cool that he worked in the Chrysler building!
    - Irina

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