Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bonjour, Shoe Candy

Do you ever think that pretty shoes are kind of like candy for grown up girls?
Recently, I saw these shoes at Aldo.  And then I was this candy.
 And then some cute flats (also at Aldo).

Then, more candy.
I couldn't help thinking--there's some kind of connection between candy and shoes.  And then, I took myself in my blue suede Steve Madden shoes to the Pez Museum in Orange, Connecticut.)  Tres interessant!  And fun too.  So now, you see two yummy things together.  Shoes and candy!
I wonder if you feel the same way about shoes and candy.  I do know one thing--and that there is one important difference between shoes and candy.  Shoes have no calories!  So, indulge!


  1. Shoes are a guilt free treat! Love the candy too, but don't indulge much.

  2. Oh yes, I agree! I try to resist the candy...but a little dark chocolate is very French!

  3. So cute shoes. It will be so matching for the girl legs. Very cute design.


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