Monday, October 22, 2012

My Debut as Fashion Photographer

I've always fantasized about becoming a famous fashion photographer--kind of like Annie Leibovitz
or Herb Ritts (who I actually knew when I was an undergrad at Bard College.)  Yes, in fact, he actually photographed me giving a poetry reading.
But, I digress....
Really, I love the idea of fashion photography and so, I enlisted the help of my friend's daughter.  Her name is Julianna and she agreed to pose for me.  Isn't she gorgeous?!
She's a sophomore in college, but I can't tell you where because she doesn't want all her fans hounding her while she's trying to study in the college library!
My husband and I live on Waquoit Bay and so it's a perfect spot for photo shoots.  We thought the Wellingtons would be a nice contrast for the red evening gown.  Julianna actually wore this gown to her senior prom.  I provided the "Russian" fur hat.
I think this may be my favorite photo of her.  So ethereal!

Okay, I actually think this is my favorite photo of her.  And the blue feather boa?  
I bought that in Paris during a recent visit.  Tres chic!
 The light was so beautiful that day and really shows off her incredible bone structure.  Such a beautiful girl, and yet, so incredibly intelligent.  She scooped up lots of scholarships during her senior year.
Bravo, Julianna!


  1. Gorgeous girl!! How fun to play like this. I love the one with the blue feather boa!
    Have a beautiful day.

  2. Hi Jennifer--Yes, she's so pretty. It was a fun day. I wish you a beautiful day as well! xo Jamie

  3. How wonderful, dear Jamie! I love photography too, and have been trying to fine-tune my "eye"...
    These photos are gorgeous...a stunning girl...

  4. Oh, thank you Irini! And I love the photos are your blogs. You are such an inspiration! xo Jamie

  5. Merci mille fois, Jamie! You are too kind.. :)

  6. By the way this shoot is awesome! Ive always loved underwater (fashion) photography. I just emailed you all my contact info, pretty lady! I cant wait! My heart is going to skip a beat whenever i see a fed-ex/ups truck for the next week or so loll. Cant wait for the goodies and for BLOG-SHOP! THANK YOU so much again!

  7. Oh Jamie, Woman of Many Talents,

    Surely you will become a photojournalist next. I'd love to have you take Gracie, Grams and adorable Liz next.



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