Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week In Malta

The International Designers Fashion Show

Last night I went to the show at the Auberge de Castille here in Valletta, Malta where I'm staying for the month of May on an artist exchange.  The Auberge de Castille is a beautiful building where Malta's Prime Minister and his wife and daughter reside.  They were so nice to open their doors to the fashion world.
All the guests received goodie bags.  Ooh La La!
This was a special night featuring international designers from Malta, Italy, England, Nigeria and Serbia.  I adored them all, but here's some of my favorites from the night, beginning with a beautiful dress from the House of Jola in Nigeria.  I so want this dress!!!!!!
I also adored everything from Italian designer Marella Ferrera.  There was so much intrigue and drama and a sense of history to her all dresses.  Spectacular!
And this gorgeous red dress is from UK designer Fabryan.  So simple, yet so chic.
Another stunning simple gown from Fabryan.  J'adore!
This ensemble is from Malta's very own designer, Kevin Muscat.  I love how he combines a military-style jacket with a free flowing skirt.  And the model carried off the look beautifully!
Oh, and another gown from Marella Ferrera.
The show went by so fast!  Honestly, I could have stayed for hours.  I was so enthralled.
But, it was time for the designers to take their bows and say au revoir!
And I say au revoir (from beautiful Malta) to you, dear friends, until tomorrow.  xo Jamie


  1. Dear Jamie, thank you so much for sharing these photos and your account of the show!! Gorgeous...I love the red dress too, and the romantic dresses from Marella Ferrera...that is my ooh la la! ;)
    So you are in Malta until the end of May? Fabulous! ENJOY!!!!
    Love and bisous,
    - Irina

  2. Bonjour, Irina--Yes, I'm here until next Wednesday. One more week. It's been so amazing, but I'll be happy to be home. Love, Jamie


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