Tuesday, July 30, 2013

French Women Age Gracefully

French Secret #6:
The Femme d'un certain age knows that with time
she only grows more intriguing, more mysterious, more elegant and more beautiful.
That's because the more we experience our world, the more we know ourselves and what we look good in, the more our true light shines.  We understand who we are in this world, what looks good on us and how to be happy.
And happiness is a beautiful thing.
Are you a femme d'un certain age?  What makes you feel beautiful?


  1. Not quite, chere Jamie....but I am telling you, your latest book has changed my life and my entire outlook....just brilliant.

    And that is the gorgeous Linda Rodin....she's rockin' it!!
    I hope you are doing terrific!!!
    - Irina

    1. Bonjour, Irina! I am so happy to hear that my book has changed your life! You are so kind to me! And yes, this is the gorgeous Linda Rodin. I love her natural grey hair. I think I may do this in a few years....we'll see.
      And yes, I'm doing well. After the broken ankle, I took up zumba and yoga in a serious way and it's changed my life. I love dancing! And how are you, dear Irina? Forgive me for asking again, but where do you live? I'll be in San Francisco in December and the midwest in June 2014 and just wondering if you're nearby. Love, Jamie

  2. Bonjour Chere Jamie!!
    Thank you so much for writing back.... :)
    And your book indeed has been instrumental in changing certain ways of thinking on my part...I have been having some major breakthroughs and epiphanies!! Salut to that and Salut to you! :) MERCI!!!!
    You are so chic, but Ms. Rodin does prove that grey hair can be fabulous too!
    I'm very glad to know all is well, and you are dancing! Zumba...isn't it the best?? I had my first class last Fall....so much fun. I, too, love to dance...always have. I used to practice belly dancing, and would love to get back to that.
    Thank you for asking, I am trying to figure out where Summer has gone! :)
    I am in Minneapolis, and we have many events and festivals which take place in August...so trying to squeeze out every last bit of the glorious warm season (before the snow hits...ha),,,
    Which part of the Midwest?? My guess is Chicago, but I SO HOPE that Mpls. is on your roster! :)
    Love and hugs to you,
    - Irina

    1. Bonjour, Chere Irina--I love your comments! You are so full of joie de vivre! And yes, Minneapolis is on the itinerary for June 2014, although lots of things have to get pinned down, so nothing's definite yet, but I do hope to meet up with you at some point! In the meantime, enjoy your August events and festivals! Love, Jamie

  3. Oh Jamie, I'm so sorry for not visiting all this time!! No excuses, just lots of running around! :)
    Thank you for writing back, and your beautiful and kind words...
    So Minneapolis may be a stop for you?? That would be fantastic!!!! :))
    Ah, almost a year to go....but it's a beautiful gift to look forward to....
    I am loving the "secrets" series, by the way.... :)))
    Much love!
    - Irina


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