Tuesday, August 20, 2013

French Women Relax in Style

French Secret #25
French Women believe in the importance of relaxation, dreaming and just doing nothing at all.
Marcel Proust once said, "If a little dreaming is dangerous, then the cure for it is, not to dream less, but to dream more.  To dream all the time."
I love how the model is dreaming with a lace fan.  It's so chic.
What do you like to include in your day dreams?  An eye mask?  A cup of tea?  A favorite wrap?
I'd love to hear!
Please say bonjour to Claudia Bortolato on her lovely FB page.  Merci!


  1. A blanket large enough for my boyfriend and I to relax on but small enough to have to cozy up closer to each other....under the shades of the American Elms in Central Park while reading your book and letting my mind wander off to the streets of Paris :)


  2. Bonjour, Marlena--That sounds so heavenly! So romantic! J'adore Central Park and New York City. How lovely to be there. Merci beaucoup for your nice words on Ooh La La! xo Jamie


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