Monday, September 2, 2013

French Women Love Leopard

French Secret #33
French women will choose a basic palette color, such as black, cream, camel, navy or white.
Then, they'll accent this with either a shot of brilliant color, or a daring print.
Leopard is always a possibility.  French women will add just a little of this delightful animal print
as a way to accessorize and dramatize an outfit.

Leopard is eye-catching and goes with just about everything.
And it's wild!
Do you like a little leopard in your wardrobe to bring out your wild side?
And if so, how do you wear it?
I'd love know.
Photo from Fashion Residence.


  1. I was just cleaning out my purses and wanting something new. I also just saw a pretty leopard print bag at Talbots. I think I will go order that! Thanks for the boost. Oh la la!

  2. Dear Jenifer--I'm so happy that I could inspire you to get a leopard print bag. I do believe that's probably the smartest way to bring a little animal print into your life! Keep me posted on how it changes things for you. So exciting! Merci beaucoup for writing, Jamie


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