Tuesday, July 15, 2014

13 Days Until the Ooh La La! Paris Tour

Let's get packing!

We're had lots of talks about what to pack for Paris, but I thought you might like to see my actual list of what I'm bringing with me, so here goes:

Two Skirts:  
Summery white linen, calf length skirt from Ann Taylor
Long navy and white striped cotton skirt

Black ballet-style top
Emerald green silk top from Calvin Klein
White tee-shirt style top with ruching over one hip
(I'm still looking for a red top that will go with the two skirts)

One pair of black capris pants from The Gap

Black cotton shift from Banana Republic (very comfortable, but pretty)
Blue and white Lily Pulitzer dress
Another blue and white print dress from Premise
(I know, TWO blue and white dresses!!!???)  But they're different.
Little black dress by Isaac Mizrahi.  It's sleeveless feels more like a cocktail dress thant the black cotton shift.

One black cardigan, zip-up, from Comptoir des Cotonniers

Maybe my black jacket with the silver buttons (it depends on the weather, so I'll know as we get closer.)

Silver ballet style flats
A pair of sandals that are good for walking (I think I'll bring my pair with the green and blue sequins, but I'm still deciding.  I might opt for a pair of red sandals)

Weather protection:  
Crushable summer hat
A small collapsable umbrella

Jewelry & Accessories:  
A few inexpensive necklaces
The silver bracelet I always wear
Silver and gold braided belt
Several scarves to pick up accent colors (red, green & blue)*
Black tank top
Undergarments (matching, bien sur!)
One nightie

Minimal make-up
Red Lipstick, because I never go anywhere without my red lipstick.
(I'd like to tell you it's Guerlain or Chanel, but I'll confess it's Revlon!)

And guess what!?  I can fit all this in my little carry-on suitcase!  

Please tell me what you're bringing and if you have any questions.
Merci beaucoup!

*These are my accent colors, but your accent colors will most likely be different.  It's good to embrace your individuality, mes amis!  xoxo


  1. Do you roll your clothes to get them to take less space?

  2. Dear Denise--This is a great question! My father is a Navy man, and he taught me to roll my clothes when packing. And I actually still do this for some light, non-wrinkable items such as undies, but generally, I do a combination of folding and rolling. One little tip is to take advantage of the space inside a pair of shoes. You can put little articles in a plastic baggie and then tuck them into the shoes, so there's no wasted space there. Also, please notice, I added collapsable umbrella to the list. I know I had mentioned posting photographs of what I'm packing, but the photos didn't looks so great, so that idea will have to wait. I hope all this is helpful, dear Denise. Pleases feel free to ask me more questions! Love,Jamie


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