Saturday, October 18, 2014

French Women Dance

French Woman Secret #109:
French Women love to dance.  After walking, it's there favorite form of "exercise", although they don't really think of it as exercise per se, because they take so much pleasure in it.
And French women will find any excuse to dance--not just in a studio, or club, or even along the Seine (where the French hold dance parties during the warmer months), but also at most dinner parties.  They'll find any excuse to dance!
And you, mon amis?
Do you find opportunities to dance?
P.S.  I took this photo during my French Lessons with Madame M.


  1. Oui Oui! On danse! :)
    Love to dance, chere Jamie...
    How are you? I can imagine Autumn is showing her splendor in New England!
    A beautiful weekend to you!
    - Irina

    1. Dear Irina--It's so lovely to hear from you! Yes, dancing is so wonderful. Lately, my husband and I do a little waltz together in the morning before coffee. It's quick and simple and a little silly and it puts us in a great mood for the entire day! Bon weekend to you, mon amie. I wish you lots of joie de vivre, Jamie


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