Wednesday, April 15, 2015

18 Days Until the Ooh La La! Paris Tour!

Bonjour, Ooh La La! Paris Ladies!

I am looking forward to our visit to The City of Lights.
Today, I want to talk about shoes.
You'll want to make sure you have very comfortable walking shoes. That doesn't mean they can't be very pretty and stylish. If you want something dressy for evenings, I would bring one pair of kitten heels. They can be dressy and fun for night, but also easy to walk in.

Remember, there are plenty of cobblestone streets in Paris!
(This means you'll want to leave the stilettos at home or any kind of shoe that is really a taxi cab/sitting kind of shoe).  Leave these shoes at home! 

For day, I'd bring a pair of cute flats. I love the pointy toed ballet flats with a tiny heel. They're easy to walk in, but they're a little dressy and definitely better than sneakers. That said, if you can find a pair of really cute sneaker-like shoes--perhaps in a fun color--something that's a statement, and feminine, then I would go for that, especially if you have any kind of walking issues. 

Don't forget, you are always free to take a day or half day off and just sit in a cafe and people-watch. I'm sure they'll be at least one day like that for everyone!

About your wardrobe--black, white or solid color neutrals are the most versatile when it comes to a dress, then you can add some pretty bijoux to it, or a pretty scarf.  Bring several scarves--very light, since it'll be warm.  In fact, just the only day it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Paris.  

I would also bring a pretty dress, two skirts or one skirt and one pair of pants, along with three very different tops, so you can switch them up with the skirts and the pants. 

It's not about being fancy or really dressed up, but it's more about feeling stylish. So, if you'd like to wear jeans that's great--just make sure they're light, and that they make you feel beautiful and happy.

Oh, and bring a bright umbrella--for rain and sunshine.  

Also, a cardigan is a nice for a chilly evening and a way to mix-up an outfit.
Oh, and please know, it's perfectly all right to wear the same outfit two or three or even four times! If it helps, you can mix the skirts and the pants up with different tops and you can wear the dress one time in the evening with a sheer scarf and your kitten heels and then a second time during the day with a cute little kerchief and a sunhat for a more casual look.

You see, it's all about the accessories!
Here's a helpful chart on choosing bijoux:

More tomorrow!
And again, feel free to ask me any questions, mes amies!

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