Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Only Three Days Until The Start of the Ooh La La! Paris Tour!

Bonjour from Paris, mon amies!
Yes, I just arrived today and am taking care of all the details for our fabulous tour!  The weather here is absolutely beautiful--cool, crisp, with blue-blue skies.
Still.....don't forget your rain jacket or trench and an umbrella.
I actually forgot my umbrella, but found a cute one at Monoprix which is right next to the hotel.  
Oh, and I did have some time to "léche-vitrines" which translates directly as "licking the windows" but really means window shopping.
Here's what I found:
I bet you didn't realize that "summer begins now."  Well, Paris has proclaimed it so, so it must be so!
The stores had lots of modern bohemian looks.  Reminds me of my days at Bard College during the 70's.  Well, you know what they say, everything comes back eventually.
J'adore Hippie Chic!
Oh, and in Monoprix, I found some cute silver sandals.  Garance Dore mentioned them on her blog.
These are much higher end than the ones I found today, but still, if you just want to channel your own Inner Greek Goddess, these might do the trick.
That's all for now.  Stay tuned for more in the coming days, and to my Ooh La La! Paris Tour! Ladies--I will meet you in Paris--very soon!

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