Friday, April 8, 2016

French Women Secret: Mystery

French Women Secret #4:

French Women are mysterious.
French women have a gift for mystery.  This is what makes them eternally intriguing and fascinating.
Here's the wonderful news about mystery--it's available to every women--whether you're from Canada or Cancun, America or Africa.  
Just think about it today, how can you be just a little more mysterious?  It doesn't take much.  It's about the unspoken thought.  The whisper.  The skirt that's flows when you walk down a cobblestone street.  It's all very charming and very simple.

How do you bring a little mystery into your life, mon amie?  I'd love to know!

Photo by Jamie Cat Callan, "Mysterious Woman in Toulouse, France"


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  2. I add mystery via the way I walk (I'm a dancer) and dress. People always compliment my outfits. I also try not to talk but instead use the power of touch to subtly stroke a hand, arm, or a shoulder.

  3. Despite the fact that some still look great each time they leave their home, numerous others are dressing down a bit to be trends


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