Monday, August 28, 2017

Parisian Charm School: The Copy Edits are In!

Yes, I finished my copy edits last week and returned them to my copy editor at my new publishing home, Penguin Random House and they were accepted!
Next step is to get a famous person to blurb the book.  Hmmmm...does anyone know Diane Von Furstenberg?  How about Garance DorĂ©?  

Anyway, I am excited to begin promotions, plan a book launch in New York City and begin my 2018 book tour--where I hope I get to meet you, dear readers!

Merci beaucoup for sharing the news with your friends!  Parisian Charm School is available for pre-order from Amazon, Indie Bound, Books-a-million, Rizzoli, and from your favorite bookstore.  If you pre-order the book, write a little comment below, letting me know, with your email and I will send you an exclusive sneak peak into Parisian Charm School!

Merci beauoup, mes amies!


  1. Jamie,
    I just now pre-ordered! What a great way to begin 2018. Please make Seattle a stop on your book tour!

  2. Jamie, how about letting your fans do your book blub! We love you and read all your books. Who better to shower you with accolades than us? :) Best wishes! Debi

  3. Very exciting Jamie!!
    I wish your adorable banner photo was the cover though..

  4. Are you still offering the sneak peak? I pre-ordered this weekend. marsi at buckmelter dot net

    Very excited to read the new book, as the others have been so delightful.

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