Monday, November 12, 2018

And the winner is....

Announcing the first winner of The Writers Toolbox Flash Fiction contest. Congratulations to Kim Dicico!!! 
She will receive a gift copy of The Writers Toolbox

Here's this week's prompt for the flash fiction contest.  Write a 250 word
story based on this sentence:  
"She was skating on thin ice, that's all I can say." 
Please email your flash fiction entry to me at  by Saturday, November 17th at midnight.  And have fun!
I will announce the winner on Sunday or Monday.

And now, here's Kim's flash fiction based on the prompt: The way Herb defrosted the refrigerator: 

(Untitled by Kim Dicico)
My neighbor, Nora, sat in my kitchen complaining for the seventh time about how her husband, Herb, was defrosting his 1947 Kelvinator refrigerator again. That powder-blue eyesore in his “man cave” had doubled their electric bill and rattled ceaselessly every night. “But it keeps my Pepsi so cold!” Heʼd whine.
“You need to unload that fridge,” I said, “and Herb. Heʼs done nothing but waste money on toys and get-rich schemes since being laid off.” I poured us fresh coffee.
Nora stirred in another scoop of sweetener, “My father said I shouldʼve found a sugar daddy, not a husband. He was right.”
I nodded my agreement. “You can divorce him.”
“Thereʼd be alimony. Heʼs cheaper to keep.”
I handed her another cupcake. “Have you though about poison?” I smiled. “Sure,” Nora laughed, “but how do I go about it?”
“Do you think heʼd like these cupcakes?” I asked.
“If they were frosted with chocolate.”
“Heʼs still smoking, right?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Youʼll see.”
I broke open ten cigarettes from my pack then dumped the tobacco and a cup of water into a pot to boil. Twenty minutes later l mixed that strained slurry in with coca, milk, and sugar.
“Give him these tonight.” I presented her with two cupcakes filled and iced with my special chocolate frosting. “Throw the plate in my trashcan on your way out. And you must go out. You wonʼt want to witness what happens.”
Her eyes welled with unshed tears. “Thank you, Abbey.”

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