Friday, November 20, 2020

Stay Hungry.

Hello friends!

If you've been reading my weekly newsletter (by the way, please sign up on my blog--it's free!) you know that I believe in a daily creativity practice.  Whether you write or paint or draw or make music, or dance, it's important to work every day.  And I like mornings in particular.

No, you will not create a masterpiece everyday.  Sometimes, you'll be scribbling or scratching around the edges of what you really want to express.  Some days, you'll feel as if you're going backwards.  That's okay.  In fact, that's how it should be.  Even Picasso had days like that.

Those so-called blocked days are actually just as important to the creative process as the days where words and pictures, music and the imagination flow.

This is because being hungry--being in that state of yearning, even frustration is necessary to push you into new territory.  If you are always satiated and satisfied, well then, why leap into the unknown?  Why take risks?  Why try something new?  Why cross into uncharted territory?  Why push yourself out of your comfort level and surprise yourself?

The only way you can stumble upon your own genius is by showing up for your practice everyday.  A lot of amazing things come from stumbling upon the unexpected.  But in addition to this, I believe it's important to truly enjoy the times of frustration--when the creativity store is closed, or they no longer have your favorite brioche or they've run out of lavender macarons and you will have to be satisfied with a simple baguette.  Not so bad, really, is it?

Day after day, you are getting to know your own work, your own muse.  You are sharing a baguette and a cafe with you muse.  She is often late or she doesn't show up at all.  Some days, she is in a good mood and completely amusing.  And some days, she is sulky and withholding. She turns her back on your and walks away. 

Your job is to show up.  Your job is to enjoy your baguette and your cafe and listen.  And then, when your muse offers you a wonderfully funny story, along with pictures and music and even a dance, filled with drama and danger, passion and pathos--well, then you will be ready to catch it in your arms and like a big bouquet of roses.

So, show up everyday.  Build up your appetite.  Stay hungry.  

And get ready for the unknown! 

Your creativity prompt for this week is to take this photo and let it guide you to someplace new and unexpected.

Natalia Vodiano.  Photo by Annie Liebovitz


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