Friday, October 23, 2020

How to Find your Creative Totem

Years ago, before we were married, my husband gave me a gift rock.

This might look like an ordinary rock at first glance, but this was a very special rock.  Just look at those layers of silver mica.  You might think this was an odd gift, but it was very meaningful to me and I treasure it.

Back when he presented it to me, my now-husband was a poor student studying geology.  He would go on to get his Ph.D. at Columbia University and then become a scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, but back when he gave me this gift rock, he had just returned to college for his B.A.  He was an adult student with five beautiful children, divorced and trying to make a new career for himself after years of playing guitar in a rock band and running a music store.  So, this lovely little rock represented a kind of fortitude and perseverance through adversity.  At least, that's how I saw it.  

I have always loved rocks because they are so ancient and complex.  They've been around for billions of years, so they've been witness to many changes.  They stand by as the earth goes through much tumult--earthquakes, storms, floods, and droughts.  They do move, but they move so slowly you can't see it.  

They carry with them the earth's most profound memories.

This brings me to the idea of finding your own totem.  While I like to have a rock beside me when I write or paint, you might like to have a pressed wild flower or a photograph of your childhood pet.  You might like to collect some pretty autumn leaves.  You might like to have a wooden carving of a little green turtle.  Whatever you chose, it should be meaningful to you.  It should be from (or at least related to) the natural world.  This is where the spirits live.  This is where you'll find the magic of creativity.


And if you have young creatives at home, ask them about what inspires them.  Children are very much in touch with the spirits of nature and they will understand the idea of a totem.  All you have to do is ask them what they like in nature and then suggest they find a special home for it.  I suggest a little box they can decorate and make truly their own.  And you can do that too for your grown-up creativity totem!

I would love to hear if you have you have a totem, what it is, how you found itand where you keep it.

Most importantly, have fun! 


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