Friday, March 12, 2021

The Art of Creative Procrastination

Weather Girl appeared to me this week as I was in middle of procrastinating.

I was supposed to be working on my novel, but instead, I started painting one of the characters--Valerie.  I decided Valerie would have braids.  My brilliant teacher, Jacqueline Rogers, said the easiest way for me to differentiate the characters in my novel is by one of two defining attributes.  Hair is a great way to immediately separate out one character from another, along with accessories, expression, clothing.  However, hair is the best!

I think I decided on braids, because since Covid began, my hair has become so long I've begun wearing it in pigtails!

Anyway, as part of my procrastinating, I began reading a story in the New Yorker, but then I got distracted and began procrastinating finishing the story by looking at the cartoons.  You see, I am the master at the art of procrastination and going down the rabbit hole!

I saw this cartoon of people at a kind of sports bar--only it wasn't a sports bar.  It was a weather bar!  I just love this.  And it made me laugh.

And then, I looked at my girl character, Valerie--the one with the braids.  Here is an earlier version of her, by the way.

 I thought--wouldn't it be great if she was a Weather Girl?  (I'm very excited by the warm weather we had here in the Northeast.)  Anyway, I imagined I could let Weather Girl tell people on Instagram what's going in the weather every day.  I would be doing a service to the community!  Well, at least, Weather Girl would be doing a service!

So, here she is:  Weather Girl!

Oh, and today's weather is: Sunny! No rain. In the low fifties, depending on where you live, of course!   

Weather Girl takes no responsibility for incorrect forecasts!  The weather is the weather, people!  It's unpredictable!

And that brings me to your creativity prompt:  Procrastinate.

However, I have one caveat.  Procrastinate creatively.  Read an interesting story.  Look at art (and yes, cartoons count as art).  Go for a walk.  Day dream.  

And, have fun!



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