Friday, July 9, 2021

Suburban Storm Story


Here's a juxtaposition for you: a tropical storm in suburban Connecticut. Our phones relentlessly alert us to impending disaster. Take shelter! Don't go outside! Beware of flying debris!


The storm has a name. Not a scary name, but a cute name. A Disney name.

Elsa. Terrifying.

Torrential winds. Overwhelmed storm drains. The fire hydrant is up to its neck in water. The street looks like a river. 

This is exciting stuff. It's worrisome! But it's also a story.

Let's say you are the hero of this particular story. You are a fish out of water. However, you have a goal -- take Aged Father to the doctor. You have an obstacle -- the storm. You have your superpower -- creativity.

And so, what do you do?

You will write your story. You will take photos, you will draw it. Create a storm song. Dance for the rain gods. Rise above the chaos and the destruction to see the beauty and the humanity. Oh, the humanity!

(Oh, and you'll call the doctor and reschedule your papa's appointment.)

Creative friends, your assignment is to awaken your senses to any dramatic or upsetting thing that may happen to you this coming week. And when it happens, I want you to take a step back, look around, and notice the details. And finally, become the hero of the story. Because, you know.. you are the hero. And have fun!


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