Saturday, August 14, 2021

Birds of the World


While I am in Connecticut, caring for my dear papa, I found Birds of the World on his bookshelf.  So many birds!  And the paintings were so beautiful.  So realistic-looking.  I found the images somehow very soothing after a long summer day.

Then, inspired by this book, I began a practice of painting birds.  At first, I tried to be a diligent student of birds and I painted a Magpie with a brush and India Ink.

He came out looking very serious.

But then, with all the the reality and responsibility--and great honor--of caring for my 97-year old dad (he's doing fine, by the way), I found that something in me, longed for color.  And so, I painted a big blue and green bird with a long feather head dress.

It was so fun much to paint this blue and green bird.  And so, I decided to keep going and I came up with this:


Crazy feathers!  

Look at that funny expression on this imaginary bird.  I wonder if he is reflective of how I feel right now?

Perhaps.  All I know is that I have wandered far away from the Birds of the World into Dr. Seuss Land.  And you know, during these very serious times, this feels very good!

And so, my creative friends--your assignment for this week is to stray from reality.  Whether you paint or write or dance or sing or make sculpture out of objects you found along the side of the road--I want you to push yourself to the limits of your imagination.  Be silly.  Wear a wild feather in your hair.  Play with color.  Put on that funny hat!  Oh, and perhaps some dots...

Most of all, have fun.



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