Thursday, September 2, 2021

Reporting from the Land of Care Giving.

This has been another busy day in the Land of Care Giving.  Yesterday, I took Papa Callan to his kidney doctor and then, he said he really, really wanted to go to Below Five.  Here we are--all masked up, reflected in the window outside the store.

It may seem odd for a 97-year old man to want to go to Five Below.  Everything in Five Below is either $5.00 or under $5.00.  I've always imagined that teenage girls shop at Five Below, but it seems I was wrong about that.

My dad needed earbuds, wire, cords.  Honestly, I don't understand, but it has something to do being able to hear the television.  His hearing is not great, even with his hearing aids--so Five Below is the place for him!

This image of us standing in front of the store with our reflections in the window appeals to me because there's a little fun-house mirror effect to it.  Nothing is completely clear, except that this is me and this is my dad and we're all masked up, prepared to face whatever dangers might lurk inside those doors.

Honestly, it's a confusing image.  But then, this whole care giving business has been  confusing, because my dad was always the strong, smart, competent one and I was the gal who couldn't do algebra.

But, the world has turned upside and this has allowed me to see everything around me with new eyes.  And also, to see my creative practice with new eyes.  I imagine myself to be like Alice in Wonderland and I am asking a lot questions and not always getting the answers  I expect.  This keeps me on my toes--observing everything very closely.

I take notes.  I'm not sure what these notes will become, but I know this is an important time and it's vital that I take notes.  I write a family newsletter, although I doubt my family always has time to read it.  Ultimately, it's really for me because I do want to create a record of this time.

And so, my creative prompt for you, my creative friends, is to open your eyes and your heart to all that is odd and new and confusing around you.  And then, document it in the best way you know how--perhaps with photographs, illustrations, recordings, notes.  Don't think about the end-game, but rather simply observe.  Stay present to this amazing and wonderful thing that is unfolding before you--this thing called life.



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