Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Things We Discard


I'm back in Connecticut this week, clearing out Papa Callan's house and getting it ready for sale. In fact, it's officially on the market as of today!

It seems I arrived just in time for Bulk Trash Pick Up Day. Don't laugh. You'd be surprised at some of the treasures I found during my walk around the neighborhood. Look at these red lace up booties. In practically perfect condition.  I was almost tempted to take them, except for the obvious fact that I am here to throw stuff out and not collect new stuff!!!!

Still, I love Bulk Trash Pick Up Day. I took lots of inspiring photographs as I walked around the loop, trying to imagine who the people who had thrown these things out actually were. I mean, red booties, gingham open toe high heels. I have so many questions!

Perhaps I am just trying to distract myself from the sad task of saying goodbye to Papa Callan. Well, I guess I've been saying goodbye to him since he left this earthy plane in December. However, his house--his "Bachelor Pad" has been with me since then. And it's filled with all the reminders of him. It's my responsibility to go through his belongings--and he had a lot of belongings--97 years worth of collecting. So, yes, it's been really, really hard, but it's also been very cathartic. Honestly, I'm glad I signed on for this last gift I could give my father.

Creative Friends, your assignment for this week is to go looking for a neighborhood with a Bulk Trash Pick Up Day and get yourself a pair of red booties.

No! I'm kidding. But rather, take a look at someone else's trash. By this, I mean, notice the things in life that people discard. You can find these objects at the Good Will, or in a thrift store or yes, perhaps on the side of the road. Next, ask yourself what is the story here? You'll never know the real story, and that's a good thing. Use your imagination and make a story or a poem or a song or create a sculpture, a painting, a dance. Be as fantastical as you wish. The point is to bring new life to this old object by giving it your attention and gifting it with a new point of view. Your point of view.

Oh, and have fun.



P.S. For extra inspiration, listen to The Handsome Family's "Moving Furniture Around."

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  1. I wrote a story about the small cabinet I had to give away because it literally fell apart and I couldn't find anyone to fix it. It had belonged to my great-aunt, and ended up in Connecticut, so I simply told its history - a kind of memoir of a cabinet. It helped fix it in my memory, and the various stages of my life as I hauled it around with me too...


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