Saturday, June 4, 2022

Papa Callan lives on!

Portrait by Jacqueline Rogers
Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Normally, on Father's Day I would take Papa Callan out for lunch. We liked to go to his local diner, Maxim's. Despite the fancy French name, Maxim's was a bit of a greasy spoon and we liked it that way. 

But now, Papa Callan has gone to The Great Beyond and Maxim's is closed, so even if Papa Callan were alive, I couldn't take him there.  I miss Papa Callan and I miss the diner. I've always known that these things would not last. I know that nothing lasts forever.

And yet, I am beginning to question whether this is really true. Since I began writing about Papa Callan, many readers and friends tell me their stories of meeting Papa Callan and stories about their own fathers. In fact, Jacqueline Rogers, the author and children's book illustrator recently gifted me with this lovely digital portrait of Papa Callan. So, look at that--he lives on--through art, through your stories about him, and through stories of your own fathers.

Papa Callan no longer belongs to only me. I understand this now. He belongs to the world. And so, it is with an open heart that I release him to you. This is the way of all art, isn't it? We read a story or watch a movie, or look at a painting or watch the trees in a storm waving their branches about, performing an original dance or we hear the music in the voice of the sales clerk--all this inspires us, consciously or subconsciously and then becomes a part of our own creative life.

This is the natural cycle.

Creative friends--your assignment for this week is to share your story or poem or drawing or dance or song--freely and happily. And then, wait and see. Watch, as it comes back to you. You'll be surprised. Perhaps in the form of a beautiful painting by a wonderful artist! 

And for extra credit, release that thing that you have held tightly to your heart--that thing that you have been saving because it's so powerful, so beautiful, so full of possibility that you are waiting for the perfect day to release it, and today, I want you to let it go. Watch as the floodgates of creativity open up to you.

And, as always, in the words of Papa Callan, have fun.



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