Saturday, July 2, 2022

Tastes Like Freedom

Happy Independence Day, Creative Friends!

I wish you all a Happy Independence Day--a day when we celebrate freedom--and for many of us--creative freedom. 

To inspire you--I offer you this photograph of strawberries from La Belle Farm (where I live with the the farmer known as Dr. Thompson). Can you smell the perfume of these just-picked strawberries? To me, summer smells like strawberries (and wild black raspberries, blackberries, peaches and cherries.)

While Dr. Thompson does all the heavy lifting, it's my job to pick berries. I love picking berries! Sometimes I like to think of it as garden yoga--all that reaching and stretching. But, it's also great for creativity. I like to let the critical part of my mind focus on finding the ripest berries, while I allow the creative side of my mind to drift.

There's something about the fragrance of the berries that transports me to faraway places. I am able to travel through time and space--to the past, the present, and the imagined future.

The point is this freedom of heart and mind begins with the lowly berry.

Creative friends, your assignment for this week is to find something ordinary and simple that allows your mind to wander. Dive into one small and humble task and bring all your focus to to it.

No matter what is going on in the outside world, your imagination is all your own. Creativity is free. And it's available to everyone. Your mind knows no boundaries. Take the word freedom, and let its beauty bloom around you. Inhale the fragrance of independence. Take a big scoop from the strawberry shortcake dessert that is called summer. 

Taste freedom.

And, as always, have fun.




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