Saturday, September 24, 2022

The Sweet Kernel of Truth


This is me at three years old with my French grandmother. She's somewhere in her here. Younger than I am now.

I am thinking about her a lot these days because I'm now a grandmother to six step-grandchildren, along with two granddaughters. My own daughter’s youngest is four years old--that age where she loves to get right up close and ask all sorts of impertinent questions. In fact, here's what she said to me the other day:

Grandma Jamie--why did you get so old?

She asked me this with all sincerity, a smile, and a sense of curiosity. 

And so, I was disarmed.

But, how is one to answer this question? How did I get so old? 

I told my granddaughter, well, it just sort of happened.

This seemed to satisfy her.

It's the truth. It just sort of happened. One day I was young and the next day, I was old. (Okay, not exactly, but that's how it feels.)

Creative friends, the truth is, some things in life do just sort of happen--at every stage of life, whatever your age or circumstances. Things you did not plan on or prepare for, things you might not want. The hurricane, the accident, the sudden illness, and yes, getting old. 

But this is actually the time when people watch to see how you respond. They look to you for answers. How you manage during difficult times, can inspire a person--a granddaughter, a friend, a child, an interested bystander--for a lifetime.

Your assignment for this week is to look at something in your own world that you did not welcome, but nonetheless, (and perhaps unexpectedly) showed up at your doorstep one day, said hello and moved in, perhaps forever. 

Now, I want you to take in this seemingly impenetrable kernel of reality. Roll it around in your mouth--using all your senses of smell, taste, touch, sound and sight--until the hard outer shell slowly melts and reveals to you its secret sweetness.

Take your time with this process, creative friends, because this is where you'll find the promise of new beginnings, true acceptance and a deeper kind of creativity. Be patient, but have fun.



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