Saturday, October 8, 2022

The Secret Language of Cats


If cats could talk what do you think they would say? More specifically, what do you think this cat would say to you?

She's French, by the way. She lives in a little village in Burgundy with the mother of your friend from Paris, Sylvie. You're American. Perhaps this feline would want to know what you are doing there. Or maybe she wants to know why you are photographing her. Or perhaps she just wants some food.

That's probably it. She wants some food. That's always a great motivator when it comes to cats, but generally, they're too highfalutin to tell you this. They like to withhold certain details and they like to do things in a circuitous way. And so, she'll start by getting friendly. She'll rub herself against your shins. She'll look at you with those adoring eyes. Perhaps your cat will let out a winsome meow.

As artists, we're a lot like cats. We appreciate a Human who will take care of our worldly needs. Clean up. Pay the bills. Do the grocery shopping. Answer our fan mail. That sort of thing. But when push comes to shove, we're perfectly capable of fending for ourselves. Really! We know how to catch a mouse or jigger open a cupboard, push the bag of cat food down and rip it open.  

Et voila! Dinner.

The truth is, we creative folks can be pretty scrappy when necessary. We can be charming and purr and all that, but we are also perfectly capable of turning our heads and walking away. The truth is we're, like a cat, we're fiercely independent.

And this makes people nervous.

Your creative assignment for this week is to be nice to the Humans in your life. After all, you are lucky to have Humans around you--people who will tolerate and support your eccentricities. And so, while you are fiercely protecting your time and space and creative genius, I also want you to be thoughtful. Be grateful. Be kind to the Human in your life.


And if need be, meow occasionally. 

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