Saturday, November 5, 2022

Volatile Times


These are volatile times. 

And so, it's more important than ever to find your balance. Your equilibrium. 

Begin by focusing on your breath. Then, pay attention. Move with purpose.  

Practice balance when things are calm and especially when things are chaotic.

These are the principles of yoga and in fact, as my yoga teacher, Yvonne, likes to say--practice balance every day. 

For you, this might not mean standing on one foot and pretending you're a tree. It might not mean folding yourself into Crane Pose or Eagle or Dancer Pose, or even Tiptoe Pose. (Although, I will say that Yvonne suggests we walk around our house on tiptoes as a way of strengthening our core and generally improving our balance.)

She also likes to say, don't forget to breathe. (A very helpful reminder!)

Creative Friends, your assignment this Election week is to consider your sense of balance. Move with purpose. Strengthen your core. Pay attention. As an artist, you have a unique role in this world—which is to take what is presented to you (in all its complexity) and then create something completely new and then finally offer this up to the world in a way that brings clarity, solace and beauty.

Begin this process by bearing witness. Try becoming a tree. Be strong and rooted, yet flexible. Be present to the vagaries of life, the unexpected storms. Be still, stand strong. And never be broken.

Finally, Creative friends--don't forget to breathe.

As always, have fun.



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