Saturday, January 7, 2023

The director of your own imagination



This is my daughter, Callan Silver. She turned 39 yesterday.

As Callan's mother, I had the unique pleasure of observing how creativity expresses itself in surprising and unexpected ways. Everything she did was creative--whether it was re-constructing clothes bought at the Goodwill, or painting vintage boots, or directing the neighborhood children in a production of her own version of the musical CATS. 

Today, she is a successful graphic designer, the mother of two beautiful girls, and happily married to a wonderful man. They live in Baltimore where she has introduced me to the quirky beauty of Charm City--home to the author Anne Tyler and the director John Waters.

Callan is still that young person with the highly artistic heart and mind. I mean, look at her with this funny hat and giant animal paws!

Creative friends--have you lost touch with that part of yourself that wears funny hats? I know, it's hard to find the time to be silly in this constantly connected-bleary-eyed-iphone-addicted-click-bait thing called modern life. And as a result, perhaps you've left that quirky part of yourself on the side of the superhighway? But why not stop for a moment and re-introduce yourself to yourself? Open the door and let this childlike version of yourself--the one with the funny hats, the one who is not looking to influence anyone or capture clicks--back inside your car?

Yes, let her back into your car, but also hand her the keys to the ignition. Let her take the steering wheel.

Oh, and forget about the GPS!

Rather, follow the whispered-directions given to you by your own imagination. Follow the less-traveled road. Left and right and around the corner and then down the hill. Past the maple tree, the old red barn. Over the wooden bridge and then keep going until you reach that mysterious place where the trees meet the horizon, where the moon is just beginning to climb into the night sky.

Now, open the velvet curtain. Look--the stars are making an appearance. The orchestra is starting up. The audience is hushed. All this, just for you.

And that's your assignment for this week, Creative Friends. That, and have fun.



P.S. Guess what!!!

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