Saturday, March 11, 2023

Flower Power.


Once upon a time, long ago, I was asked to be a bridesmaid. As one of three bridesmaid (and one maid of honor) I was told to wear a matching lavender-colored gown, carry a matching bouquet and wear a matching pair lavender-colored shoes. The shoes were originally white and had to be dyed to match our bridesmaid’s gowns. The bride-to-be sent us to a shoe store that specialized in dyeing shoes. The whole experience made me feel a little ill, because:

1.) I don’t look good in lavender

2.) I don’t like to match anyone. I like to be different. (A trait that has gotten me into trouble more than once.) But, really—I like to chose my own colors!

Fast forward to today. As you can see from this photograph, I took my pair of white go-go boots and painted flowers all over them. I'm nearly seventy now and well, I have given myself permission to revisit my past bridesmaid self and take the notion of dyeing your shoes to match your dress and well, basically I ran with it.  I used green, blue, pink, orange and black Sharpies and re-claimed the notion of changing the color one’s shoes.

I must admit I am very pleased with the results.

Creative Friends--I want you to think of something in your past that you resented. You felt misunderstood. You were not seen. Now, consider this--inside that tight bud of disappointment and frustration--a new idea was beginning to bloom. Whether this new idea came from being forced to wear matching bridesmaid shoes or your mother demanding that you cut off your long hair or even that school initiation or that dress code at your job—I want you to turn it over and re-examine it.

And then, flip it. Look at it backwards.

If necessary, go ahead and paint flowers all over it!

Just be sure to make it your own.

That's your creative prompt for the week. Oh, that, and have fun.



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