Saturday, April 1, 2023

Is this not a prayer?


We are heartbroken today in Columbia County.

We have lost a dear friend--an artist, printer, engraver, sculptor, machinist and writer--Tom Curran. 

Tom passed away on Wednesday night in the hospital. He had been ill for some time, but he was so engaged with life and art and so full of hope--well, I think we all imagined he would stay with us a little while longer.

Tom was in my February Spencertown Academy Arts Center Writing Workshop called  "What's Love Got to Do With It?" He was the only man in the class and truly, he captured the hearts of all the women writers--not just with his good cheer and intelligence, but with his immense creativity. He wrote many stories, but the one about making a heart-shaped pizza as a surprise gift for a woman-friend--well, it had us completely charmed. 

I had recently sent an email to Tom about his writing and this is what he wrote back:

Jamie, a day doesn't go by that my mom pops into my head, whether she's behind the wheel, or we're driving down this road we've been down hundreds of times. I think of her as I'm kneading dough for pizza crust, watching her gnarled hands gingerly folding the dough as best she can.

As you can see, making homemade pizza and lovingly folding the dough is a family tradition.

Over the last few years, Tom sent me several stories about his mother. She passed in 2016 and he faithfully kept her memory alive through his writing. I like to think that he is now with her, having taken flight and freed himself from this earthly plane, which brings me to the last poem he wrote and shared with me:


A large white hawk, 

wings spread, feet outstretched,

slows her flight and lands on the tiniest branch imaginable. 

There she sits, bobbing above the field, 

surveying all around her. 

Is this not a prayer?

Creative Friends--Please take a moment today to hold your friends and family close. Please take a moment to think of Tom and to enjoy the gifts of this precious life. 

And then, consider making a heart shaped pizza in his honor.



You can read more about Tom's life and legacy here:




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