Saturday, June 17, 2023

Happy Father's Day


Papa Callan loved to visit Stew Leonard's in Norwalk, Connecticut. Yes, he loved the bargains, but more than this, he loved the constantly changing cornucopia of special treats--assorted muffins, chocolate chip cookies, an entire dairy department filled with fresh milk in huge jugs, gallons and gallons of ice cream. And then in the seafood department--he would ooh and aah at the towers of peeled shrimp, giant whole bass. Delicate sea scallops arranged in a pretty shells. 

Everything delighted Papa Callan.

We both loved the music. The animated characters--a farmer with a banjo, a cow crooning songs of romance, and the big-eyed Atlantic salmon beckoning us with songs of the sea. 

Finally, outside by the parking lot there was a petting zoo! Baby goats!

Papa Callan was a Depression Era child, so the notion of getting free entertainment while shopping truly appealed to him. Why should he spend money on a show, when he could just go down to Stew Leonard's?

You would think that the man was still five years old--and I suppose on a certain level he was still five years old. I'm convinced that this is what kept him creative and going strong right up to his 97th birthday.

Creative Friends--on this day to celebrate fathers and father-figures and all the fatherly folks in your life, my creative prompt for you is to consider how they have taught us about the art of fun and the joys of free entertainment. 

Happy Father's Day!




  1. This is a precious Father Memory to share. Listening to ‘Paris Charm School’ on Audible, I was able to prepare a Father’s Day Meal for my husband. I was hoping to make him feel special. I had so much help from our four daughters and our four grandchildren. Your writings were inspiring and helped me use charm during our evening together.

    1. Hello there--thank you so much for writing to me and for listening to Parisian Charm School on audible. Your Father's Day celebrations sound really lovely and special. And you sound charming! Love, Jamie

  2. What a precious tribute! My own father has been gone 14 years and I find it incredible all that has happened since he left us. I was a daddy's girl and miss him terribly. I find myself talking to him often.
    I just finished reading "Bonjour, Happiness! and loved every minute of it. I will go on to read your other books and, I am sure, I will enjoy them as well.
    Just found your blog and tried to subscribe, but I think the "subscribe" button has a problem. I would love to become a follower of your blog. Perhaps you can add me from your end:
    Thank you, Cate


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