Saturday, July 29, 2023

Waking up the fairies


When I was  little girl, I believed in fairies. Truth is, I still believe in fairies. I’m a Druid, like my father, Papa Callan—who loved the trees and the flowers and knew how much they bring us solace, joy, and yes, magic.

Plus, they house the fairies!

In fairy land the Snowball bushes are not just pretty flowers. In the early morning, when they are still wet and dewy with droplets of rain water, the fairies flit from each blossom, pressing their faces into the middle of the petals. And that's how they clean up for the start of a brand new day.

In my much younger years, I would tiptoe outside while my family was asleep and still in my nightgown, I would take my magical wand (err...stick) and flit around the backyard--waking up the roses, the peonies, the forsythia bushes and the Snowballs. Ah, the Snowballs. I still love them--so much so, I asked Dr. Thompson to plant one for me. This way, I can imagine tiptoeing into the backyard here on La Belle Farm, still in my nightgown and like the Good Witch Glenda, waking up all the flora and fauna (a.k.a. our two rescue cats who at times still seem to be half feral)! 

Or perhaps, they're just Druids.

Creative Friends--you have a direct connection to that child who believed in magic. It’s simply a matter of reaching back in time.

Think of your unique memories as your own creative treasure map. Begin your search by asking questions—why do certain things resonate for you? Why are your dreams and waking hours filled with recurring images? What are the tangible links that connect you now to a particular memory? It might be a flower, a tree, a place, a color, a smell, a person or a book. Be gentle with yourself and take your time, but when the good fairy calls you by name, you will follow her out of the forest and into the light where you will find your way home at last. 

As always, have fun.



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