Saturday, September 9, 2023

Falling into The Great Transformation Machine


Here I am in 1962. I am eight years old here I am with the visiting nurse who came to our house and cared for my mother as she recovered and was still in her wheelchair. We had just survived a car crash on the Connecticut Turnpike. My mother was crushed under the steering column as I flew through the windshield, landing on the side of the highway. Okay, I didn't exactly fly through the windshield. I don't remember the details of how I arrived on the side of the highway. People told me that this is what happened. I do remember lying on the grass, imagining I was in fact lying on a beach in the bright summer sun, and that the sound of the cars going by was actually the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh sounds of the surf.

On the day of my release, the good folks at Greenwich Hospital gave me a pair of sunglasses especially made for children with concussions. You can see them here in the photo. It's a pity it's in black and white and you can't see that they're blue. I loved those sunglasses.  Even now, looking at this photo, I think wow, I look so cool! So mysterious! And there I am with my chaperone, Anne. I loved her. I am a different person because of her and because of my blue sunglasses. 

You've heard of seeing the world through rose colored glasses, but I see the world through those blue sunglasses. They gave me an upside down Alice in Wonderland vision of life. A creative way of seeing things and I am grateful--for all of it.

Friends--have you ever fell into the Great Transformation Machine? Have you ever found yourself tumbling and turning, not knowing which way is up and which way is down? And did you finally emerge knowing that there would forever be a Before. And an After?

Yes? Well, then I present to you a pair of special blue sunglasses of your very own. I guarantee that they’ll make you feel cool and mysterious.

Your creative prompt for this week is to wear your invisible (or visible sunglasses). See the world through the lens of The Great Transformation Machine. Be cool and mysterious and creative.

And as always, have fun.

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