Saturday, September 23, 2023

You Let Go Magic Turtle Go


In the I Ching, when the number nine appears in a certain position it means:

You let your Magic Turtle go.

What is The Magic Turtle? Simply put, it's a turtle that's so magical, it lives and breathes on air alone and needs nothing else to sustain it. 

And so, the Magic Turtle is also a metaphor for art and creativity and the miracle of bringing something into the world that never existed before--just by the force of one's own imagination.

But, what does it mean when you let your Magic Turtle go? 

It can mean many things, such as getting distracted, looking over your shoulder and wondering what other people are doing instead of focusing on your own art. Social media is a perfect example of letting your Magic Turtle go. There we are scrolling through our Instagram account and in the meantime, our Magic Turtle has slowly wandered off the page--or the canvas--or the keyboard.

The good news is we live in an era where we can keep an eye on what everyone's Magic Turtles are doing. The bad news is we live in an era where we can keep an eye on what everyone's Magic Turtles are doing. 

Creative Friends--it's time to return your attention to your own Magic Turtles. They have been wandering all over the earth without a direction or home. Thankfully, turtles move slowly and you can bring them back with just a little effort. 

Your creativity prompt for this week is to show up at your workspace and put a little lettuce on the table. Call your Magic Turtle. Show up everyday and work and wait. Wait. And then, wait some more. Do this and I promise you--your Magic Turtle will come home. 

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