Saturday, December 2, 2023

On the Second Year Anniversary of my Father's Death


Papa Callan shuffled off this mortal coil on this very day, two years ago. This is a photo of him just a month before he left us. We had just returned from the eye doctor's office that day where he had his eyes checked to make sure an earlier cataract removal healed properly. Indeed, all was well with Papa Callan's eyes and he passed his eye exam with flying colors. And then, Papa Callan asked the doctor if he could drive. 

Actually, I asked the doctor if he could drive, and I will admit, this was a bit of a set-up on my part. I fully expected the doctor to simply say--no, you shouldn't drive. It's not that I didn't want my father to have his freedom, it's just that he was 97. He had congestive heart disease and renal failure and he kept losing his balance and falling.

But, never mind all that. The doctor said, yes, you can drive!

I gave the doctor my special squinty look that is meant to read as Really? Are you kidding?

But never mind. Papa Callan and I returned home and the first thing he wanted to do was prove his readiness for the open road by starting up his lawn tractor and giving it a test drive in his back yard. Full of childlike glee, he zoomed around in circles—around the trees and the rocks and he nearly ran me down while I took photos of him. He was so happy that day--like a little kid with a brand new toy.

He did all this to prove to me that it was absolutely safe for him to drive a car. But, I didn't let him drive his car. And then one month later he was gone. 

Creative Friends, there is someone in your life who drives you crazy. I would like you to re-look at this person and ask yourself whether it's possible that the thing about them that drives you crazy is actually a representation of your own alter-ego. Is there something they say or do that you actually want to do, but resist?

Your creative assignment for this week is to open your heart to the so-called craziness, to the child-like behavior. And then, in the words of Papa Callan, I want you to just have fun.



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