Monday, May 27, 2024

Drive by Therapy


Hello there! It's us. Your blue chairs. It's summertime and we've moved outside. That's right, we're sitting at the end of your driveway. We got tired of sitting there in the living room all day--especially now that fireplace season is over and let's face it, even if it wasn't over, we know you're not going to have fires for a while. Not since that house fire. That was traumatizing!

No matter. We've decided to leave you and get a job. Why? Not for the money! No, we're doing it for the fun of it. For entertainment purposes. Besides, we're naturally very sympathetic. And empathetic. We're good listeners. People like to tell us their problems. Why? 

Because, we're chairs!

No, seriously what else do you need chairs for? Come and take a seat. Park yourself and tell us your problems. Get confessional.

Why in the driveway? Well, it's the magical juxtaposition of the everyday and the unexpected. That's just the sort of thing that disarms people when they drive by. It makes them want to stop and open up.

Folks, this is the fast lane to igniting that creative spark. It's available to everyone. It's just a matter of taking two disparate things and putting them together:

A taxi filled with goldfish

A poem that only uses the word Silencio

Three tv sets that you play like a cello

This sort of play gets you out of your own head. You see the world with new eyes. You stop taking yourself so seriously. Oh, and forget about monetizing this. That’s not allowed. This is a Fluxus game.

Creative Friends--do something completely unexpected. Something a little weird. Go ahead and confuse people. Let them talk. This way lies art.



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