Saturday, May 11, 2024

Your Mother, Your Art


Our mothers had a life before we arrived. I know, shocking, right? But they did, my friends. They partied, they laughed, they flirted, they got into a little trouble. Maybe a lot of trouble. They had their romances and yes, they had sex.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be here.

But that's not something we like to think about, is it? Not just the sex part, but the trouble-making part. The part of our mothers that lived and dreamed before us--during a time when we were not even on their radar, a time when they were completely self-involved and not all that maternal and full of self-sacrifice.

Or, perhaps your mother was never particularly self-sacrificing. Perhaps she was completely selfish and you are still railing against this fact and the fact that your mother was a completely separate human being. She did not suddenly come into existence upon the moment of your arrival on planet Earth.

This is a photo of my mother when she lived her life separate from me. She was maternal, but she could also be very selfish. She was self-sacrificing, but she was also dangerously self-involved. She put herself in harm's way and she put her children in harm's way. 

Ah, but all this is ancient history and the simple fact of the matter is that my mother was complicated.

And, aren't we all complicated?

Creative Friends--your assignment for this week is to re-look at your mother or the human being (or even the wolves) that raised you and re-consider your origin story in a new light. Your mother's life was complicated. We all make a choice to either accept or refuse to engage in the never-ending quest to reconcile these complications. The story of your mother will forever remain a mystery to you--the truth always just out of reach.

This is what has made you an artist. These are your materials.

Be grateful. And now, go make some art.

Happy Mother's Day.



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