Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Castle Hopping in France

The artists of Auvillar took a field trip the other day to see the ancient caves in Pech-Merle. On the way, we stopped to visit a few castles, take some photographs and enjoy a picnic lunch. And since this is France, our picnic included three kinds of cheese, a lovely baguette and froie gras--all served on real plates with linen napkins, and a tablecloth. Oh yes, and wine glasses for the wine!


  1. That is so very civilised - just the way picnics should be! And the view is awesome!

  2. Yes, it was really sweet. I loved how all these places in France have picnic tables and how the French bring their own cloth tablecloths, real china and glassware. Oh, and they spend hours dining, drinking and talking-talking-talking! It's all very festive. (Oh, and they don't seem to have the laws about no alcoholic beverages in the parks!)


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