Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paris in Palm Beach

My dear friend from Cape Cod, Thelma, took me with a few Palm Beach friends to 
The Norton Museum of Art.  

We saw the fabulous Richard Avedon collection of photographs from 1944-2000.

This is the model Dovima at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris in 1955, wearing Dior.

And the model, Veruschka from the 1960's.  I actually remember seeing this photograph in Vogue when I was about thirteen.  I used to babysit for a woman-doctor (very unusual in those days).  She was from Ireland and very modern and very beautiful and she had two boys--twins.  They were little hellions and always left me completely exhausted.  Plus, I was expected to wash Madame Doctor and her husband's sink full of leftover dinner dishes.  Ah, but once the dishes were done and the twins went to sleep, I got to read all of Madame Doctor's fashion magazines!  They were much more fun than my mother's copies of "Good Housekeeping" and "Woman's Day."  Oh, and no, I never did get to do my school homework!
I think my fantasies of visiting Paris one day began on those nights, reading Vogue.  
Here's the model, Suzy Parker.  Cute, huh?

Later during my visit, Thelma and I went to The Omphoy Ocean Resort for tapas and drinks.  She is so much fun to pal around with and I just love her!
This is the beach at the resort.  Don't you adore those beach cabanas?  They actually cost a small fortune to rent, but they're pretty to look at.
Oh, and I can't leave you without showing you this charming photo of Mary's backyard pool.  She's a wonderful writer and I wouldn't even have been invited to speak about "French Women Don't Sleep Alone" at the Society for the Four Arts if it hadn't been for Mary's charm and perseverance!

Au revoir, Palm Beach!  xoxo Jamie


  1. Wonderful photos by Avedon!
    I used to babysit for a family like your Irish doctor! Hellions, dishes, but alas all I could read was Chatelaine or the local newspaper so I did get my homework finished!
    Palm Beach sounds like a great tonic to the winter weather!

  2. Yes, it was lovely. I'm now back in cold Cape Cod.
    How was your visit with Cheryl? I bet you two had so much fun!
    And what is Chatelaine? A Canadian magazine?
    Have I told you lately how beautiful your blog is?! I love your bungalow and how you honor ordinary things and show us the beauty we might otherwise miss. xo Jamie

  3. This looks so glamorous and so fun! Jamie Cat Callan knows how to find the beauty and joy everywhere.

  4. Jamie,
    Cheryl and I had a wonderful time, visiting, cooking and I really had missed her upbeat and positive energy. It was nice to see John as well!
    We laugh a lot when we all get together. It sounds like you'll be seeing them soon in France, your workshop sounds great.
    Chatelaine is a Canadian magazine..popular but not as exciting as Vogue or Town and Country...
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I am having a lot of fun with it too!
    Take care, Hugs from the Hostess

  5. I Like your bungalow and how you account accustomed things and appearance us the adorableness we ability contrarily miss.miami beach luxury condos


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