Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bonjour, Springtime!

Yes, the crocuses are coming up.  Here are some lovely purple ones I saw in Falmouth last week.  They were in my friend's back yard.  We had just gone consignment shopping for prom dresses.  She's getting ready for her junior prom.  Yes, I sometimes pal around with 16 year olds!  We have a lot in common actually.  We both love consignment shopping.  And we we love to mix and match the old with the new.
Oh, and so do French women!

I found a fabulous faux leopard coat at
My Fair Lady consignment in Cotuit, but before I show it to you, I have to show you some more crocuses.

Oh, and because my Dad's birthday is on the same day Spring begins, March 21, I must show you a picture of my Dad.  We met up last week in Connecticut.  He loves to go to Ocean State Job Lot and hunt for bargains.  Like father, like daughter.  He's turning 87 on Sunday.  He's a World War II Navy veteran and he saw action in the Pacific Rim.  He's really a hero, but he doesn't like to talk about it.  He's very modest.  Oh, and he's also an awesome photographer.  He likes to document everything.  He can take even the most ordinary moments and make them special.  He's not French (that's my mother's side).  He's 100% Irish-American.  At 87, he still rakes the leaves in his backyard, cuts down fallen branches, shovels snow, volunteers for the Civil Defense and Red Cross. The secret to his vim and vigor and youth?  Yes, being busy is one of the secrets, but more than that, it's his life philosophy, which is this:  Have fun!   He always tells me, "If it's not fun, don't do it!"  I've learned that anything can be fun if you put your heart into it.  Can you tell, I love-love-love my Dad?!
And speaking of fun, here's my new faux leopard coat!

It's from the designer, Dana Buchman.  

And here's me in the coat!  Happy Spring!

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  1. Love the coat Jamie! Dana Buchman too, good score!
    Your dad sounds like an amazing fellow.


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