Friday, April 22, 2011

Bonjour, Hot Pink Cast!

My Color Story.

Yes, it's true I have a broken kneecap and broken wrist, but that doesn't mean I can't find a little joie de vivre!  I've asked myself what would a French woman do in my predicament and I realized--why, she would turn it into an opportunity to make a fashion statement.

Luckily, my doctor agrees!
Dr. B. said I could have my choice of colors for my cast.
How very French!

Looking at my choices, I was reminded of the macarons in Paris:

I decided I would like a hot pink cast.
After all, hot pink goes with everything, bien sur!

It even goes with basic black.  Yes, this is my leg--all bound up in a nonflexible cast.  This means I cannot bend my leg, under any circumstances, which makes life interesting and walking difficult and going up or down stairs darn near impossible!

Everyone has asked me how do I keep my spirits up when I'm hobbling about in crutches and mostly confined to the bed.  Well, I read, I write, I blog, I daydream, I sleep, I learn the art of patience and I've turned this unexpected event into a Secret Garden.  And while it's been quite and ordeal, I remain undefeated!  I vow I will dance again!



  1. A lovely vision in pink! Heal heal heal!

  2. It IS fashionable. And I'm so glad to hear that you've made a secret garden out of this experience - how like you to see the rosy side of being confined motionless to bed! Can't wait to read what you'll write...

  3. Such a girly and feminine choice for a cast Jamie. I would expect nothing less!

    Keep smiling it's contagious!


  4. Lonna fell in the shower about 8 years ago and broke her kneecap. It was a horrible debilitating time in our lives. Best wishes. So great to take this is in a hot pink "fashion" stride!

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