Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before the Accident

Before the accident...
(yes, I was in a very bad car accident and am home now with a broken kneecap and broken wrist)...
I took zumba and even tap dancing classes.
I was learning the concertina.  And there were my French lessons with the elegant Madame M.
I write about her  in Bonjour, Happiness!
She is my fabulous French tutor.
She prefers to remain mysterious (that's because she is completely French) and so I cannot post a photo of her, but trust me--she's beautiful, gentle, brilliant and very, very kind.  Oh, and she always serves me tea or mineral water when I come for my lessons.
Here is a photo from my last meeting with her before my accident.  Look at these gorgeous flowers!
It'll be a couple of months before I can return to my French lessons and so for now, I enjoy looking at photos and spying on the spring buds beginning to bloom outside my bedroom window.
Soon it will be warm and soon I will be walking again and I will say "Bonjour, Springtime!"

Oh, and  I will be at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble on Warren Street on Monday, May  1 6th at 7 p.m.
(this is rescheduled from April 26).  Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh, I hope you feel better soon!!!!

    I can not remember HOW I discovered your book, but I began reading it on my kindle and loved it so much that I ordered 3 paperback copies for my daughter and her friends to pass around (before they went to Paris with their high school class over spring break).

    I did not pass along the book to them because of the trip, however. As I was reading, I thought "if I had learned all this at age 17 instead of closer to 50....." And they ADORE the book. Talk about it non-stop. I have already seen changes in the their approaches to life.

    Merci, merci, MERCI Beaucoup!!!!!!!!!

    I hope your recovery is QUICK and as pain-free as possible!

  2. I am so sorry about your accident Jamie....that is just such bad luck. I haven't received your book yet but I am sure it will arrive at any moment. I am away for Easter so it will be something to look forward to when I return.....xv

  3. Oh Jamie!!!
    I will be at the Tribecca reading with bells on (etc.)
    Do get better soon dear girl.
    Your French teacher obviously has divine taste - she took you as a student!
    XXX Carolg

  4. Best wishes for a tres vite recovery. I am enjoying your book and relishing the memories of the time we spent in Auvillar together.

  5. I wish, wish, wish I could be there! Please take care of yourself (I'd say break a leg at your reading, but, um...)

  6. Hello Elizabeth-- Thank you so much for your sweet message! I checked out your blog and I can see we are kindred spirits! xo Jamie
    Bonjour, Vicki--I hope you receive the book soon. I think you'll be pleased. Enjoy Easter! Love, Jamie
    Oh, Carol--I can't wait to see you in NYC on 5/1 6! It's been too long!
    Bonjour, Denise--I can't wait until you read "Flirting with the Cheeseman!" xo Jamie
    Dear Amy--you are so lovely. Merci beaucoup! I'm feeling better every day! Love, Jamie

  7. Yikes! Jamie, take care of yourself. You know my knee also came into contact with a car. Hope your tibia is aok as that is where the car's bumper hit me. Time to write another book?

  8. I came to investigate your blog after you added me on Twitter, and YIKES! I read this post and thought, "How awful for you!" I'd like to wish you a very speedy recovery. :)

    Take care,

  9. Thank you, Karin! I'm so happy you found me! And thanks for all you well-wishes. xo Jamie

  10. Bonjour, June--Thank you for your comment. Actually, I broke my kneecap and wrist in the car accident. But, back in Toulouse in October, I broke my tibula and fibula and had to have surgery and a metal plate and six screws put in! What a year it's been. I was sorry to hear about your accident and hope you're fully recovered. Love, Jamie

  11. Bonjour Jamie,
    So glad you were not too badly hurt to daydream and admire the spring buds! Looking forward to seeing you again in Paris next month. Let's hope the wonderful weather continues through your arrival, you could use a little sunshine. ;-)

  12. Hello Jamie,

    Thank God the accident didn't affect your wonderful brain, good humor, or marvelous fashion sense. That would be a terrible tragedy!

    All best wishes for a speedy recovery and a spring full of gorgeous colors. I hope to attend one of your readings soon. It's been too long since enjoyed your classes at Wesleyan, but the fond memories remain.


  13. I just received word from the library that your book is in for me to pick up! I cannot wait to savor the book this weekend.

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I was in an accident recently and injured my knee and neck but not to the extent of your injuries. I feel for you.

  14. How gorgeous these flowers are! As for your accident, I feel sad about what happened. What happened to your car? And how's your broken knee and wrist? I do hope that you're doing okay now. =]

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