Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bonjour, R.J. Julia's Bookstore

Well, the official Bonjour, Happiness! book tour has begun!
I had a fabulous time at R.J. Julia's in Madison, Connecticut last week.

Merci beaucoup, everyone!
Oh, and I was so thrilled by the
reception to my first ever concertina performance in public.  I only know one song so far, but
I did my very best.
It's true--this very nonmusical gal (that would be moi) received a gift concertina for her 57th
birthday.  Very French!

As a femme d'un certain age, it's important to try new things, to learn and grow and always
challenge yourself.  That's the French woman's secret to staying youthful and stylish.

To hear me play, click on the link below.


  1. Bravo! You also gave a wonderful talk, and performance, in Shelton. It was so good to see you and hear you.

  2. ". . .it's important to try new things, to learn and grow and always challenge yourself. That's the French woman's secret to staying youthful and stylish."

    This is great advice for everyone. I try to remind myself that if I'm not failing (or really uncomfortable) with something then I'm just not trying enough new things.

    Your performance sounds like it was lovely. Great job, and thank you for your wonderful books. I'm a fan!

  3. Bonjour, Joy--
    Thank you so much for coming out. It was so good to see you! Please let me know if you'd like me to help out with your website--since we both love our Mac's! xo Jamie

  4. Bonjour, Oh Jolie Laide--Thank you so much for your wonderful and very sweet comments. I'm so thrilled to "meet" a fan. I must tell you that I was inspired by my friend, Margie (she's in Bonjour) to take up the concertina. I played violin as a child and then gave it up (along with girl scouts when I entered jr. high--because the kids made fun of it and it wasn't "cool." Now, in my 50's I feel like I have another chance at those abandoned dreams. I'm sure you have some too--and it's never too late. And really, there's nothing at stake. Oh, and yes, it's really great and helpful to "fail" and to experience being "uncomfortable." (You are so wise!) I can see you're a femme who knows how to enjoy your life! xo Jamie

  5. What a great addition to your readings, Jamie. Superb idea. Keep practicing - music is so good for the soul (and other parts of you, too!)

  6. Merci, Amy! I do find the music so comforting. How lucky you are to have discovered your gifts so early in life. Then again, you have so many gifts, and of course writing is one of them, my dear, talented friend!

  7. P.S. Amy! Is that your review on Amazon?! Thank you so much! I am so honored and so appreciative! xo Jamie


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