Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Calm after the Storm

Apres la storm...all is well on the island.
The air is clean and crisp with a feeling of fall in the air.
And we are all safe and sound.
Merci beaucoup for all your well wishes.
I hope you are all safe out there.  Sending love.
Au revoir for now!  xo Jamie

P.S.  Next week, I'll be blogging from Paris!  Oui!  Oui!


  1. Looks lovely in the sunset...
    Paris!! That will be exciting!

  2. Ever so glad that you are safe! Have a wonderful and wonderfilled trip to Paris !! I can hardly wait to live vicariously through your posts!

  3. So glad you're safe. Always an adventure, life.

    What is in store in Paris? Do tell!

  4. I'll be on the tv show France 24 on Friday, September 9. More details to follow. Also, WH Smith bookstore on September 22nd and Amy--I'll be in Auvillar too! Thanks for the nice comments, Leslie, Ruby, and Janelle. You are all so gracious! xo Jamie


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