Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seeking Shelter from the Storm

Bonjour, Irene!

Yes, I'm evacuating.  Mister Pickles and I will be joining my husband in Cambridge who was at Harvard all this week talking about climate change.  Ironic, n'est pas?
Here is Mister Pickles guarding all the plants I brought in from our deck.
Notice how he's looking wistfully out to sea.

Okay, we're all packed up and ready to go.

Everyone out there--please stay safe!  xo Jamie


  1. Via con Dios! (that's French, isn't it?)

    Love, David

  2. Oh take care of yourself and Mr. Pickles.
    Why do they name hurricanes after women?

    It would be a terrifying place to be right now. I hope that everyone gets out before it hits land.

  3. You, your husband, and Mr. Pickles, along with everyone that is in the path will be in my prayers! Be safe!

  4. They now name them after men and women.

  5. Hello Ruby--Merci beaucoup for your safe wishes. We're back on the island and all is well Bonjour, Anonymous--I did a little research and found that we started naming hurricanes after women (girlfriends, wives, daughters, etc.) in the 1950's. One of the most famous names was Hurricane Bess (after Bess Truman) in 1952. Historically, navy guys named their storms at sea after women (and you probably know that ships are referred to as "she", rather than "he.") Anyway, the National Hurricane Center followed suit, and starting naming the hurricanes after women, because it was just the thing to do, and while they wouldn't admit this, I think it's because us gals are considered unpredictable, sometimes wild, sometimes mild and always worth paying attention to.
    After all, you never know what we might do next! ;)
    And then in 1979, women said "hey, wait a minute!" and they started alternating male/female names. The first "male" hurricane was Hurricane Andrew. Oh, and you probably already know this, but they go through the alphabet, so the first storm of the year starts with A and so on. Hope this is helpful!

  6. Oh, and Leslie--Thank you so much! And Anonymous--I just realized you're David! Merci beaucoup pour tout! xo Jamie


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